Welcome to Charmsville

Charmsville is a quaint town where love, mystery, humor and magic intertwine. The Charmsville series follows the enchanting and hilarious journey of Camellia, a young woman who inherits a charming bookstore called The Enchanted Cottage, and her budding romance with Morgan, a handsome and mysterious local. Together, they uncover the town’s hidden secrets and the captivating stories of star-crossed lovers from the past. Each book in the series is a delightful blend of cozy mystery, heartwarming romance, hilarious mishaps and a touch of magic, all set against the backdrop of a charming small town filled with quirky characters and enchanting adventures. As Camellia and Morgan delve deeper into Charmsville’s history, they discover that the magic of true love has the power to transcend time and change lives in the most unexpected ways.


Book 1: The Enchanted Cottage

When Camellia inherits her late mentor’s enchanting bookstore in the quaint town of Charmsville, she discovers a hidden love letter within the pages of a vintage copy of “The Secret Garden.” The letter leads her on a captivating journey to uncover the secrets of a long-lost romance. With the help of the charming and mysterious Morgan, Camellia follows the clues to a secret garden filled with magic and memories. As they delve deeper into the past, Camellia begins to uncover her own intuitive enchantments, which guide her towards the truth. Together, Camellia and Morgan unravel the mystery of the star-crossed lovers and find themselves drawn to each other, wondering if their own love story is part of a greater tapestry of destiny.

Book 2: The Moonlight Masquerade

Camellia and Morgan’s budding romance takes an enchanting turn when they discover a cryptic invitation to a Moonlight Masquerade hidden within the pages of a vintage copy of “Romeo and Juliet.” As they investigate the mystery surrounding the masquerade and the lovers who once attended it, they find themselves drawn into a world of secrets, hidden identities, and a love story that echoes through time.  With the help of the eccentric residents of Charmsville, Camellia and Morgan must unravel the clues and solve the mystery before history repeats itself and the magic of the masquerade is lost forever.

Book 3: The Clockmaker's Enigma

In the third installment of the Charmsville series, Camellia stumbles upon a set of train schedules with intricate drawings and cryptic notations tucked inside a well-worn copy of Brian Selznick’s “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.” As Camellia and Morgan delve into the notebook’s secrets, they uncover a tale of a brilliant clockmaker and a forbidden love that spans decades. Camellia’s intuitive enchantments continue to evolve, enabling her to glimpse into the past and unravel the emotional threads woven through the notebook’s pages. With time ticking away and the help of a mysterious horologist, Camellia and Morgan must piece together the fragments of the clockmaker’s enigma and bring a long-lost love story to light before the final chime fades away.

Book 4: The Timeless Locket

When Camellia discovers an antique locket hidden in the spine of a rare edition of “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,” she and Morgan embark on a quest to uncover the story behind the locket and the lovers whose names are forever inscribed on it. As they trace the locket’s history, they stumble upon a generations-old mystery that links Camellia’s own family to the enchanting town of Charmsville. Camellia’s intuitive enchantments have grown more powerful, allowing her to vividly experience the emotions and memories of the past. With each clue they uncover, Camellia and Morgan’s own feelings for each other deepen, and they begin to suspect that their love story may be the key to unlocking the locket’s final secret. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they make a startling discovery, hinting at a connection that transcends time and space. Could the locket hold the key to unraveling not only the past but also the very fabric of their own destinies?